Vendor Portal

With more than 30 years as a leading manufacturer specializing in the assembly of mission-critical complex custom cables, wire harnessesand electromechanical assemblies, our mature global supply chain allows our customers substantial purchasing power. By implementing the latest technologies, supplier development, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and lean supply chain quality management, we meet our customers’ cable and wire assembly concerns with on-time product delivery and high-quality solutions at competitive costs.

 Supply Chain

  • Long-term Established Relationships
  • Competitive Sourcing Process
  • Alternative Custom Sourcing
  • Point of Use Delivery
  • MRP—Processed Twice Daily
  • Vendor-Managed Off-Site Inventory
  • Minimum/Maximum Control Levels
  • Vendor-Integrated MRP Portal—Managed by suppliers
  • Vendor-Managed On-Site Consignment Programs
  • Job Kitting—Reduces Material Handling and Logistics Cost
  • Customer-Specific Finished Goods and Safety Stock


Quality. Delivery. Support.