Overmolding is an effective means of providing strain relief for cable terminations. Our overmolding capabilities allow us to provide robust cable and harness interconnects across all industries, especially those where reliability must be uncompromised, such as critical medical and defense applications, and in exposed conditions as in the oil and mining industries. Overmolding provides significant protection against the mechanical stresses on wires and terminals during mating cycles, and environmental performance advantages against the elements, abrasion resistance, and EMI. Our injection overmolding process benefits our customers in many ways.

The advantages include:Overmold

  • Enhanced Design Flexibility
  • Greater Part Strength and Reliability
  • Water Resistance Encapsulation
  • Increased Product Reliability
  • Improved Design Variations
  • Elimination of the Bonding Process
  • Multiple Part Manufacturing
  • Reduction in Overall Costs

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