Reliable Cable Assembly

MC Electronics produces all styles of cable assemblies to support domestic and international production and installation. We build highly ruggedized products with a proven track record of excellent quality and reliability to withstand even the harshest of environments and most rigorous demands of motion. Each product is 100% visually and electronically tested and documented with a comprehensive First Article Report. Our wide range of end-user applications includes medical, robotics, semiconductor, security, industrial, solar, and many more.Ā Our full-service cable and harness assembly capabilities include:
Rose Lopez - Reliable Cable Assemblies

  • Discrete Cable Harness Assemblies
  • CustomĀ Overmold Cables andĀ Assemblies
  • Standard Overmold Cables andĀ Assemblies
  • Signal Cable Assemblies
  • High-Voltage Cable Assemblies
  • Coaxial Cable Solutions
  • IDC Ribbon Cable Assemblies
  • Ribbon and Flat Flex Wire Connectors

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Assembling cables

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