Security & Industrial Applications


MC Electronics cable assembly, wire harness and electromechanical solutions are found in the latest technologies of leading manufacturers of cargo screening systems worldwide. The innovation of these advance imaging technologies make security activities more accurate and effective, as well as less invasive. These systems are utilized in some of the most important and difficult locations in the world to help protect people and property.

The reliability and quality of these systems is vital to our continued safety and protection. MCElectronics understands this importance and ensures timely delivery and high quality on every solution supporting these systems.

SUPERBOWL2015_X-RAY security screening

Oil & Gas

Oilfield cable assemblies are exposed to some of the harshest remote environments. Here at MC Electronics, we build highly ruggedized products with a proven track record of excellent quality and reliability to withstand these environments, we understand unreliable cables can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in downtime each day.

We work closely with customers in the fast-paced energy industry. From oil and gas exploration, production, refining and pipelines, to renewable energy, whether your application requires custom overmolds or umbilical cables, our team will work with you to understand your application and provide quality solutions on-time with continued support.

Oil and gas

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