MC Electronics provides cable assemblies and wire harnesses for some of the leading manufactures in Robotics and Automation worldwide. These unique, ultra-flexible complex assemblies consist of twisted pairs, coaxial cables, electromagnetic shielding, and specialized bundling systems, making them a challenge to design for manufacturing and assembly.

As these systems become more sophisticated, the importance of a proven process for assembly is necessary in order to deliver the reliability and quality needed to accommodate tCyberknife_03 roboticshe speed and articulation of a robot arm.

Our experienced engineering team and manufacturing knowledge of these custom cable management projects ensures that your complex assembly meets your specific needs and quality standards on time.

If your applications require:

  • flexible 7 axis, with humanlike motion capabilities for surgical intervention
  • precise positioning of medical devices for diagnostics and therapy
  • powerful industrial robots for high-speed, precision manufacturing, packaging, and factory automation

Contact MC Electronics and our dedicated staff will partner with you to deliver high-quality, value-added, cost-effective solutions.


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